Wunderlist and Alfred Workflow

I'm currently experimenting a bit with how I automate my workflow. For now, I've stumbled on a nice arrangement with Wunderlist and Alfred.

I'm using Alfred Powerpack, which costs £17 for a single license. I've found it's more than worth it, and it's required for me to get the following workflow up and running.

I'll start off by showing you the end result, then I'll go into the implementation.

The Result

This is how I'm arranging my tasks on Wunderlist:
A folder is a week, and a list is a day of that week.

To create an entry to a list, I fire up Alfred and type wl tday: Cut the lawn. This inserts a task into todays list. tday will auto expand to match the format you see in the screenshot.

Similarly, to create a new list for today I type wl:list tday.

Magnets, how do they work?!?

I'm using a fantastic workflow created by Ian Paterson. Once installed, I need to log in to Wunderlist (you'll be prompted when you try to type wl into Alfred).

After this, I created a snippet in Alfred containing the format of my task names: {date:d/M/yy} - {date:EEEE}.

To get the snippet working inside Alfred, in the snippets preferences, I needed to tweak some settings by checking Automatically expand snippets by keyword, and by clicking the gear icon to enable snippets to expand in Alfred.

You may also be prompted to allow Alfred to control your computer. If not, you can add it by going to System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy, and add it there.

So there is a bit of work involved, and I could just be needlessly complicating things. I'm having fun with this anyway, so if it's of some use then happy days!